Here's a little BS about me (Dale Wilch)

Dale Wilch started in the automotive parts industry buying and selling new and used parts in 1966 after 4 years in the US Navy. After being in the high performance and race car parts in the 60's and 70’s Dale went professional drag racing with the NHRA and AHRA Top Fuel Dragster divisions. Chasing those race cars and always broke at the end of the season Dale decided to buy and sell for a profit (most of the time) new and used hot rod and race car stuff. Then opened a 30,000 SF showroom in the 80’s loaded with performance cars and parts on consignment and closed it when eBay and the Internet came along to eliminate the overhead of a physical location. Dale had always been interested in the auction concept for both buying and selling as it seems to be the actual market value of the asset at that time with the proper exposure. That’s what we're doing here with the website and looking for others to share this site as Affiliates with us or as a consignment seller of assets.