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Lot # 4540

Huge and heavy (1200 LBS.) is this J.A Fay & Egan ...

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Huge and heavy (1200 LBS.) is this J.A Fay & Egan 38" X 45" X 16" diameter blade 440 V/ 3 phase cast iron & steel table saw.

Lot # 4540

Powerful direct drive motor and included with this saw is 2 HD fences and 2 Miter Gauge slide.  Here's some interesting history and information about the manufacturer of this table saw:  The J. A. Fay & Egan Co. was formed by the 1893 merger of Cincinnati-based rivals J. A. Fay & Co., and the Egan Co. It continued the position of its predecessor companies as one of the world's largest manufacturers of woodworking machinery.
The 1893 merger was not a one-step procedure. It seems that the two parent firms created a co-owned entity, J. A. Fay & Egan Co., but each continued to operate fairly independently—as the Fay Department and the Egan Department—for several years. We have seen ads from each of the parent firms as late as January 1901. These ads do not mention J. A. Fay & Egan Co., and it seems likely that the machines themselves were not always marked with the post-merger name until after 1900. Thus, a "J. A. Fay & Co." or "Egan Co." name on a machine probably means "made in 1901 or earlier" rather than "made in 1893 or earlier".
One place where there was an abrupt transition from the pre-merger names to the post-merger name was in patent assignments. The earliest patent we have found that was assigned to J. A. Fay & Egan Co. is dated 1893-06-06, and we have found no patents assigned to one of the parent companies after that date.
Fay & Egan fell onto hard times by 1928, and then went bankrupt in 1937. It was acquired by Walter F. Schott from the Egan family. Schott sold many assets but continued the woodworking machinery manufactory. In 1957, a fire destroyed many foundry patterns.
In 1977 the company was liquidated. According to Batory's book, a Cincinnati businessman purchased some of the assets and created a new business, Dels Inds, to supply parts and documentation on the old machines. That company has long since disappeared. Writing in 1985, Chandler W. Jones in Planers, Matchers and Molders in America says, "Today, Fay & Egan functions as a division of James A. Wulfeck, Inc., building a limited line of woodworking machines. Primary efforts are in the metalworking area."
See the entry for J. A. Fay & Co. for pointers to its predecessors. From the 1850s through to the 1920s, Cincinnati was probably the biggest center in the world for the manufacture of woodworking machinery. Some of the company names suggest the intertwined nature of the business relationships over the years:

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